Amnplified is a business that includes a service that is born from the marriage of all things photography and the national team of Amnplify Photographers.

Amnplify is a national music website hub containing the largest team of live music photographers in Australia. This team of value driven quality photographers is out in the trenches every week of the year doing what they do best – capturing the moment live as it occurs. It made sense therefore, to grab proven photographers from this group in every State to combine to provide photographic services for all events, large or small, in every capital city and some regional ones as well. The formula is perfect – experienced photographers, a wide range of services at great rates, already proven values and skill, a trusted brand. Together, you get all of this and first class service to boot. Amnplified – the only call you’ll ever have to make when capturing the moment is of vital importance.

We’re different.  We like to hang out in dark venues, travel across town for that awesome event. Then we burn the midnight oil editing photos to get them out to the public.  We work this way because we’re passionate about what we do, and it shows.

We believe in amplifying our experiences, that’s why since 2012 Amnplify has become one of Australia’s largest independently owned and operated music sites.  With a team that believes in supporting and promoting artists and the music industry, we understand and highly value the importance of collaboration.

Check us out now and get Amnplified.